Friday, March 26, 2010

St. James Infirmary

So back in Orlando, the latter part of 2007 as I was gearing up for moving here I was rather taken by Oingo Boingo and downloaded a shit load of their stuff to my iPod. My MAC crashed not long before my move and since it took so long to download some of my more obscure mashups and remixes, I have never uploaded the iPod to the revamped laptop nor the new desktop as I'd lose every thing. I find my iPod to be quite the little time capsule of the the last year and a 1/2 in Orlando. There are 798 songs on it and I'd say 25% of it is "my" music and the rest the influences of a very influential music lover I know.

Anyway, back to Oingo Boingo. So I've really been getting into them more and more. They have not trumped Crowded House as my favorite group at yet, but it's getting there. I did a bunch of research on them (I read a wikipedia article) and learned so much about them-- I think. I mean, it is wikipedia. We know Danny Elfman is a colossal success with his composing and marrying Bridget Fonda, but it was interesting to learn that Oingo Boingo was originally The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo and founded in 1972 (I wasn't even MADE yet!!). Elfman's brother was the leader at first.

Of all their songs "Gratitude" is my favorite, because it strikes a chord in me. Then "Just Another Day" gets me so that 'thee' screenplay I have floating in my head (that's inspired by my father) has that tentative title. Then there's "Dead Man's Party" & "Weird Science" that I like because I'm human and they're awesome. "Kiss You When It's Dangerous" I TOTALLY love and sign to the cats whenever I'm kissing them and they're in a mood where they can easily turn on me. Then there is "St. James Infirmary" which I did not know until today was a cover of a song that -- according to Wikipedia -- no one really knows whose it is. Louis Armstrong, Cab Calloway and a lot of other biggies recorded it, but I have only heard Oingo Boingo's version and I love it. It sounds SO dirty --- so you know I love it. : - P Here's a youtube link to it. I hope the link works. If not and you want to hear it, just search St James Infirmary Oingo Boingo and it comes right up.

Gooooooood Night!! ;)

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