Friday, March 19, 2010

Obligatory Post...

I'm tired. I'm irritable. I don't have anything nice to say. So this post should be a real live one!!!!

No, not really. I'm not pissed off at anything in particular or I'd be off to the races. I just feel out of sorts. I'll feel okay/phenomenal tomorrow. I have acupuncture.

I love that I'm so used to doing this that I feel now that I have to write something every night somewhere in the 8pm-11pm time frame. The pic I posted was several pages in to my "guilt" search. Ohhhh, this internet has some really disturbing photos on it that I really wish I could unsee at times. Tonight's wasn't so bad, but my word have I seen things that haunt me years later. (Stacy knows what I'm talking about.) The picture I've posted was from They have a bunch of really funny cards like the one I posted.

Okay, obligatory post is officially posted. It will be my 70th. I'm surprised I still have so much to write. That's a lie. I'm not. I have so much more I could write it would curl your hair. It's already gotten to mine. ; P


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