Saturday, March 6, 2010

Face Book Thinks Maya Angelou & I Ought to Be Friends...

Well I could not agree more, Face Book. Ohhhh, you platonic match maker you!!! Seriously. This would be an amazing friendship. The mind reels at the possibilities. What hijinx would Maya and I get up to?

Brunch following by a little boutique shopping?

Would we do a day of beauty together?

"Sex & the City" & Cosmo Marathons?

Would we chat into the night about the boys we like?

Would we talk shit about that silly girl who thinks she's all that, but is really just jealous of us?

Would we hold each others hair back after a night of a few too many?

Ohhhh, Maya. You'd be the best friend ever. We could write together. We could be each other's muses!!!! You could ponder why the caged bird sings. I could ponder why the bird pooped on my head when I was on the Great Wall of China. You can write about rocks crying out to us. I could write about ummm. Well see that's where you would come in and muse me.

Laverne & Shirley, Lucy & Ethol, Maya & Carla. Oh yeah. That just feels right.

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