Friday, March 5, 2010

I Hear Carla...

People are always saying "I knew you were here, I heard you laughing." or "I knew you were coming, I heard your shoes." Yeah, Carla does not = Covert. The attached pic killed me and I said "That is SO me." Not that I'd ever rob your house or anything. If I ever broke into your house it would only be to delete the email I accidently sent you about you. Because I do do that. Email accidently not B & E.

OMG, it's the weekend, People!!!! I'm having a wee bit of a party. This means I'll be trying to find and hide all the find and hidables. Then relentlessly cleaning only to ENSURE - Zoe. Wicked and Zoe. Zoe and Evil. Wicked and Evil. Or any of the other combinations that I'm too tired to think of will vomit juuuuuusssssst as the first guests arrive.

Ohhhhhhh, I finally fell today!!! Sorta. I was trying to hurriedly get the drycleaning the house. Well, I sort of fell on the front seats of the car as I was reaching over for the KING SIZED comforter and my foot slipped on the grass/driveway/I don't know what the hell I was standing on. So it wasn't a far fall, but you just KNOW the neighbors- who I know already think I'm completely nuts- saw it.

Speaking of nuts. I have been giggling all day over nuts or actually nut. A friend of mine (it's a real person) sent me an article on being a landlord. One of the sections of the article was entitled "Calculate Your Nut". DUDE. That has had me/us rolling all day. Yeah, I'm weird, but it was really funny.

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