Friday, December 31, 2010

It's All Fun & Games (With Apologies to Morrissey)

My friend and I have countless games we've invented over the last five years that entertain us. Our original and best is called HIO ("Heard in Office"). This is for any sentence heard out of context that sounds vaguely or overtly sexual. If you listen, you hear them ALL the time. "I can't get it up.", you hear this countlessly about some program, file, what have you, it's almost not even fun anymore. "He keeps putting things in my box." Then the fun with in-box and out-box, well I am sure you get the point.

HIO was more my invention as I recall, but he come up with THEE BEST game this week. It's sort of a game of non-sequiturs. Ex: "...but birthdays spent in prison don't count." That was my favorite one of his. My best work, or at least the one that got him was "...when the lights came on, I learned the woman crying next to me was actually Morrissey...". He told me he wanted that one engraved in stone so I did one of my killer photoshop jobs (another game of mine because I SUCK at it, it's funny).

The reason I'm sharing this is because THIS IS MY FAVORITE and I need more people playing the game with me. So if you see me, nail me with one of these. Here is one more example for you, "It's much easier to exhume a body in Montana than say Kentucky."

Okay, now let's start the game!!!

And I'm sorry, Morrissey, I love you.

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