Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Waited So Long

Man, I went from shitty to giddy today when I decided to really explore moving to Key West. I mean all of my big life goals revolve around living oceanside, but I had it in my mind that would be well in my 40's or 50's. Why? Maybe the time is now. Maybe that's why every thing I try here doesn't pan out. No man, no job, no anything takes off. Perhaps I'm in the wrong place? I don't know. It's a stretch. I'm way in debt and I'd love to get out of it before I move, but maybe that's just an excuse to put off what I should be doing now. I think I'd just sell EVERY THING. Take the cat and the car and this Car and go. It would require the perfect storm of events going just right. If not, then I won't go. I'm not going from what feels like one mistake to another. I'll be smarter this time since my emotions aren't involved. If anything, I'd be tempted to stay as I have come to care about a few people here. So much to ponder. I'll start exploring job options there. I'm thinking that could take a year to find the right opportunity. No doubt it's a "you have to no someone" scenario. No doubt I probably do, I just have to ask my family and except for my brother tonight (who is HELLA on board) I'm not announcing anything.

Perhaps nothing will come of this, of course many scoffed at the notion of me moving to Texas...

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