Sunday, December 19, 2010

2011: Things Can Only Get Better - I Hope

Wow, I reread my first post on this blog, and it's absolutely epic my level of obliviousness regarding the pummeling I was about to get as this year played out. So much hope. Just as much as I have for next year. I guess that is what keeps me going. I always do think that things will get better. Well, I think I do. I was talking to Grandmother about one of two things that could keep me in Austin. She said "That could easily happen.". I said, "I'm not expecting it to. Every thing always works out for me, but I never get what I want." I was surprised to hear myself say that. I really meant it too. I am well taken care of, you can't dispute that. Many people think that I'm blessed and, to a degree, I will agree. I never do get what it is I want though. That's frustrating to me.

I love that I was to have lost 50 pounds and instead gained another ohhh 15-20. I need to get that sorted ASAP if I am moving to Key West. Can't be fat there. Here, who cares. I never want to be out doing anything anyway. Grandmother was freaking out on my behalf regarding living on an island and feeling cut off. I DO live on and island and feel cut off. I feel stranded here.

So Universe, either thing #1 or thing #2 had better happen soon because I'm really about done.

(I love these people in this picture. They look so happy with there HUGE medallions.)

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