Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Operation: HIDE THE CONTRABAND --- Complete

I hope. Most people I'm sure have to hide things when their parental units visit. I have to do a bit more than that. I have to get cunning. Why? Well let me tell you why.

I had a special, secret, totally innocuous place where I hid my "toys". Well I was in the middle of a crazy move back in FL. I was moving into the house that I would end up leaving to come to Austin. I thought I had allllll the things that needed to be hidden safe and with me. I felt my stomach flip when I saw that 'the stash' was in a batch of stuff that my Grandmother brought over. I was sick, but then assured myself that the move was so crazy she would in no way have any time to go through my things.

I'm settled in to my home. I decide to visit my stash. I open it...MY WEDDING ALBUM WAS SITTING ON TOP OF THE TOYS!!!!!!!!!!

Needless to say, I'm still shaken by this. Extremely shaken. We have never spoken of it in true our family fashion. I just know and really that's all that it takes. That's all it takes.

I DEFY anyone to find anything from the new diversions, because OF COURSE I had to destroy the others.

And now a song from the album "Contraband". See, it all connects.


  1. Well now you know we are all going to be searching your home the entire night. But you know, that's what makes parties fun!