Friday, December 3, 2010

A Stressful Week Ends Rather Blissfully

It's been a harsh week. Uber harsh, but I'm in a nice, mellow frame of mind tonight so that bodes well for this weekend. My little boy (Evil) will be back home tomorrow. I haven't decided if I'm going to make a shrine to Wicked and Evil or not. Right now I have Wicked's urn and a HUGE bouquet on the bureau that's right at the entrance to my house. I really don't want to freak people out so I don't know that's where he and Evil will remain. Just not sure yet. I broke down when the vet called to tell me she'd be bringing him back tomorrow. Shows me that my brave front is just that. I think there will be a calming effect when they are both home. I just can't shake that I did something wrong that this all happened. I don't know what, and every one tells me not to feel that way. Easy for them to say. I know they mean well, but I do feel that it's somehow my fault. Anyway, it's done.

I was to have had my 1st flying lesson today. I really, really, really want my pilot's license and I'm really, really, really afraid. I got a call about 50 min prior from the pilot that it was very windy (it was, my office is right by the airport) and that he felt for my 1st flight it would be far too choppy. You'd have thought the governor had put a call into the warden 1 minute before the switch was flipped on my ass. I was a mess all day. Sweating, IBS, I haven't had IBS since I was married!!! I did today!!! I was a wreck. Well, I get to relive that all on Dec 23rd. That's when my flight's rescheduled.


  1. you do whatever you need to do to honor your babies. you are never far from my thought chickee