Sunday, December 26, 2010

I Blame Christopher Plummer - Among Others

I started watching "The Sound of Music" when I was the age of the youngest VonTrapp child and now I must be damn close to Capt VonTrapp's age (we shan't go there). Mr. Plummer as Capt VonTrapp was one of my very first crushes and like most of my first crushes, played a character that was a bit of dick. The next one that comes to mind was Rex Harrison as Prof. Higgins in "My Fair Lady". I blame these fictional characters for my love of dickish men. But ohhhh, how I do love them.

Side note. As I grew up traveling with my Grandparents sometimes our birthdays would fall in place around the world we were less than fond of, so we would reserve the right to pick a city that we were going to hit during the particular trip to celebrate our days. I think I picked Salzburg 3 or 4 times (Grandmother & Grandfather did a few times themselves) :)

I guess the copyrights around TSOM are intense because this is THEE best video I could find that showcases an actual song from the film between the Capt and Maria. If I ever remarry, I think I'll sing this song at my wedding. Or that other song that I completely cannot remember at the moment.

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