Tuesday, December 7, 2010

One Loooong Fortnight Lies Ahead

It's that time again. Time to fast. I feel soooo exhausted. I know it's a lot of what has happened the last several weeks, but I need energy. So time to fast. That always makes me feel better. Well eventually. So fair warning. If I curse your mother and the horse you rode in on, I apologize. I'm just hungry.

Today "Inception" comes out. I hope to have it by Christmas weekend (bought it online $9, I'm such a great bargain hunter!!)

The pic is by Suzanne Ives it's called "Fortnight". I really like it.

The song has nothing to do with a fortnight, but feels like she could have used the word "fortnight" in it. Well, I'm just talking out my ass now so I'll stop. Ohhhh, I wonder what my blog posts will be like during the fast!!!

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