Sunday, December 5, 2010

Carla Has Mad Enthusiasms for Tonight...

tempered with great sadness as my 1920's underworld fix is coming to an end with "Boardwalk Empire"'s season finale tonight. None the less, I have a NY strip marinating as I type. I'll miss my Sunday night ritual as my HBO Overlords have seen fit to not debut any of my other shows until January. Clearly I have angered the gods as is my want. I shall atone.

Since I was deeply disappointed by DeNiro's "SNL" appearance last night, I am posting his BEST scene in "The Untouchables". I like the "kid" they have playing Capone in "Boardwalk..", but it was making me mental because he's allegedly Capone in his early 20's and every time I look at him I can't shut up that he looks older than me. He is - by a few years. Still he rocks and I told feel like he is Capone now.

"A man become preeminent he's expected to have enthusiasms".

That's eloquence, my Friends. : P

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