Thursday, December 16, 2010

Scattered Thoughts

How the hell did I accumulate so much stuff again? I'm one woman. ONE. I have so much stuff. I downsized from a 3 bedroom, living room, den, and full dining room back in FL, enough to move into a small one bedroom apt when I moved here. How the hell did I get all this stuff??? This house is full. I'm overwhelmed. If I move, I just want to pack a few sentimental things (since the most my sentiments are negative it should be a light packing) the cat and go. I don't want any encumbrances. If I go. I'm seeing a few good options housing-wise, but as expected, little job-wise. I told Grandmother that I could just open up a little place that rents jet-skis or something. She laughed pretty hard at that. I wasn't really joking. That has an appeal. She also asked me what I would do there. I guess same as I do here, but just on the ocean. I know this is all just a big romantic notion right now, but that's fine. It's mine.

A couple of cool places I saw were in Key Largo and of course I can't get this song out of my head. I was laughing so hard watching this video.

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