Thursday, December 30, 2010

Minimalism: It's Just Stuff

I have a couple of "resolutions" for 2011, but the biggest is the simplest. To embrace minimalism. I'm so suffocated by all my possessions. I get this way periodically and normally just want to burn everything so I end up tossing or giving away my things. This time, I'm going to get wise and sell my stuff. Every thing. Every thing. Every thing. I'll only keep what is essential to me. Once I have downsized, if I see that I'm staying in Austin (the scales are tipped a bit more that way this week) then I'm probably going to downscale the home. I won't need all this space. Then with the ohhhh $500-$600 I'd save... I can go fly!!! : )

Just saying "Simplify" I feel like a load is being lifted off my chest.

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