Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's a Beautiful Day in Hypochondria

I woke up this morning, my side hurt and I had to talk myself out of "I think I have cracked ribs". You be surprised how much I think I'm either critically injured or have an out-and-out disease. Meanwhile, I'll outlive all of you, whilst almost dying the whole time. : P

Yesterday's Burning Bowl Party was AMAZING!!!!!!! So much awesomeness. Good friends (old and new), good food all the traditional New Year Good Luck foods, but with a Spanish twist. Did you know you are to eat 12 grapes? That was the one from last night that I hadn't heard before. I think I learn a new one each year. Last year I learned about black-eyed peas. I had never heard that one prior to NY 2010. So the burning bowl...we wrote down all that we wanted to release this year (I filled my sheet of paper) and then we each burned ours. It was kind of interesting how some wanted to burn and others didn't. Mine burned just fine!!! Then we wrote down all that we want to manifest this year. Again, I filled the page. Then we put them in an envelope and addressed them to ourselves. I forgot to ask about that. I'm assuming our hostess will be mailing them to us at some point in the year. That will be awesome!! We also had a Tarot reading from another friend of mine. That was awesome, but I have a bit forgotten what my reading was (stupid, yummy wine).

So today I begin my detox of green smoothies. I actually began last week, but I was so busy retoxing that I'm pretty sure all good was negated. I'll be glad when I am a few days in. I've been eating like a maniac since Thanksgiving. Really need to reign it in. That, downsizing the household, and jobhunting will be high on the list for the next month.

Handle me with care, 2011.

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