Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pecan Maple Nut Coffee: Do it. Do it.

OMG, I just met up with my pusher (Fresh Plus) and I have a fresh stash of Lola Savannah's Pecan Maple Nut. It's AMAZING. The guy who was checking me out went "WHOOOOAAA!!!" when he was attempting to put in in the bag. He took it back out and had to smell it a couple times. It's that good. I also learned that is what that little round thing on the coffee is for. I never knew that. Since learning this I have the coffee here on my desk and I have squeezed and sniffed it about a dozen times.

So if you want a superlative (that's right) coffee experience, you should try it. When you grind the coffee and make it, your house smells like it for hours.

Do it!!!

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