Friday, January 14, 2011

Twins and Mustache Rides

I have a love/you scare the fuck out of me relationship with twins. Since I was young I said that I'd LOVE to have twins. One boy (FutureBaby Max) and one girl (FutureBaby Max's Unnamed Sister). One pregnancy, two kids, and let's call it a day -- I'm done. For whatever reason I don't find male/female twins that scary.

Yesterday, I saw the most adorable twins at my chiropractor's office. They were adorably dressed, well behaved, would periodically say things to me that I didn't understand, and almost made me forget my twin fear. In fact, I thought I might be having a breakthrough in twin-fear. Then they did it. Twin A is looking at Twin B. I can see both their faces. Nothing happened. Twin B all of a sudden does a semi-maniacal laugh. As if Twin A said something. I think that Twin A DID say something. They clearly were connected on a level that most of us aren't. There are a few people in my life that I have felt a telepathic connection with, but that developed over time. Think of alllll the time they have to build that bond. If they wanted to, they could rise up.

I got my eyes on you, Twins!!!!

(I know a few of my friends are parents of twins, this is all in fun --- but I am watching your kids!!!) :P

This post was going to be all about Mustache Rides, but I can't find Alec Baldwin's SNL Mustache Rides clip so I had to switch gears. It's a shame though. Baldwin, "Gentlemen, I see the future --- Mustache Rides." A friend and I have been making up funny stories about famous guys with mustaches and it all revolves around MR's and the trouble they get in.

Ex: "Sam Elliot almost hospitalized a woman after giving her a Mustache Ride.".

Christ, we're fun.

(I dont' know who this dude in the pic is, but he's a "Twin" and has a mustache. -- SCORE)

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