Saturday, January 15, 2011

January: A Month Full of Anniversaries Some of Which I've Already Forgotten

Well, Hell. I missed the Carla Chameleon Blog Anniversary. That was Thursday. I was pretty busy Thursday so I blame it on that. That and that I truly thought it was tomorrow. Whoops. So Happy One Year of me ranting, raving, over-sharing, under-sharing, and at times really entertaining some people who cop to reading this silliness.

Today is the anniversary of moving into this house that I just HAD to have. I like the neighborhood, but I'm a bit more ehhh about the house. It's either in the mid 60's or high 80's temperature wise, the rolling floors and cockeyed everything are losing their charm, and let's face it. My boys died here. So there is definitely a pall cast over this place. I massively hate moving, but I'm contemplating the whole "sell every thing" idea that was to go with "runaway to Key West" and just drastically downsize and move into a studio/1bdrm for 1/2 the price. I mean, aside from the entertaining, I don't need a whole house. If I could end up saving between $5k-8k a year, it might be worth getting over my hatred of moving.

What else? Well Tony (ex-husband) will be 45 on the 26th. No idea why I'm thinking about that so much this year. This will be his 3rd birthday I've missed since age 18, I didn't much think of the others. This one I am. Probably because I would have really done it up grand, like I did his 40th, which he got pissed of at me for. What a dick. Glad you're always almost a decade older than me!!!

Then there is the 31st. That's my 3 Year Austinversary. Thrrrreeeeeee Years. I really try to assess if I like Austin. I don't think I do, but I fucking love the people I've met here. I don't think I can leave because of them. Damn it, Carla, this why you don't get attached!!!!

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