Monday, September 6, 2010

What Dreams May Come: Lonnnnng Hair Edition

So I dreamt A LOT of interesting dreams this weekend. Most very insightful and not for sharing (don't infer that means they were sexual, just too private to share), some were funny, and one a fashion tip. I was standing with my back to, well, i guess me the observer and I had LONG, dark, curly hair. Now I realize most would argue that's what I have right now -- No -- much longer like right past my ass. It looked AMAZING. I love long hair, but it gets SO hot. Like a freaking cape in the summer. Now that we're heading into cooler weather I'll see how long I can let it get before freaking out and cutting it off again. I'm still tempted to get a streak of gray down it. I think that would look SICK. Go ahead and look up the meaning of having long hair in a dream, it's nothing bad. (I love this photo, by the way, hot, hot, hot)

Well it's been an amazing weekend. I didn't do really anything I set out to and that is just fine by me. I feel amazing. I even exercised today, I got all reminiscent of the days when I was actually in good shape. Thinking about trying to strive for that again. I've really let myself go since moving here. I've been so focused on healing my heart and mind that the body has semi fallen by the wayside. I think it's time to get that aspect of my life sorted. Plus, I always get motivated to work out in the autumn/winter. ALWAYS. Never has the summer motivated me that I can ever remember. I kind of hate the middle part of the year. You know what's funny? I was looking at the calendar of birthdays on Saturday and those that are closest to me are all born at the later part of the year or in March/April (my birth month) with a couple exceptions. Just NOT into the summer at all. AT ALL.

I hated "United States of Tara" Season I, but gave Season II a shot today since it is on Showtime on Demand and I really loved it. They finally got the show interesting. I wonder if they did a focus group and eliminated all the annoying nonsense of the first one. I hated almost every character in the first season, this one they were tolerable and almost likable. Adding new personalities to Tara's repertoire didn't hurt. There were some great songs. Here's the ending credit one from the season finale. I like Frankie Avalon. : )

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