Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's Like Double Romantic, Yo

I've been having fun with "Photoshop Disasters" lately. There are some amazing ones out there and others that I just SO don't have an eye for. I literally stare and try to figure out why it's so wrong. Double sunset is my favorite though. Made me wish there were two suns, then I stepped outside and took that wish right back.

I got nothing accomplished today. I think I got a wee bit of food poisoning from the bbq at work yesterday. That or the chicken salad I had last night was off. I don't know, but my tummy was none to thrilled for most of the day. Had to keep to bland foods. That's fun.

Saw "Black Hawk Down" today for the first time. Man, EVERY ONE was in that film. It was good. I'm a big R. Scott fan though so it's not too amazing that I loved it. War movies are hit and miss with me though. Like "The Hurt Locker". I really hated it as I look back on it. I'll watch it again when it hits HBO or whichever channel it will hit. I find it hard to say a "like" a film that makes me feel so bad. I mean I'll admire the cinematography, story line, acting etc but if I'm freaked out and uncomfortable the whole film that's hard for me to say "Yeahhhhh, great film. I loved it." I wish Netflix had a star for "I acknowledge this was a labor of love, and well executed, but the subject matter freaked me the fuck out". Can they make a star like that? : P

I saw a movie tonight that I was surprised I liked, "A Perfect Getaway". Timothy Olyphant was in it. That's really why I watched. I want to climb him. I should make that one my 43Things "Climb Timothy Olyphant" I know that's TMI, but this blog is about 99.9999% TMI isn't it? Anyway I can't say a lot about it, because it would give it away. I just have to say though that I'm finding Steve Zahn harder and harder to tolerate. He is what made "Treme" completely fucking unwatchable for me. He played a music snob that made me hate music and him (of course most music snobs make me hate them and music). I remember when he was first starting out that I found him funny and likable. Now I just wish someone would take him out in almost everything he's in. Still, the movie was surprisingly good.

I could keep going on and on about my opinions tonight, but I'll stop here. I have had "Popular" stuck in my head all week so now, I'll try to get it out of mine by putting it in yours.

"You're so novel!!!!" : p



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