Friday, September 10, 2010

Brown Dog's Dead

Well this was a shitty week through and through. It really stuck it in and broke it off when as I was about to pull into my office's parking lot I saw "Brown Dog" (it's what I privately called him) lying dead in the road. I loved watching him frolic with "Black Dog". Well no more. NO FUCKING MORE!!!!

So bummed. : (

I always wanted a dog. Like my whole life, but with the travels and living in a non-pet condo there was no way. My ex-husband and I covertly got Wicked and Evil because I also love cats and hello, they don't bark or need to be taken out. They are the perfect pets to have in a building that forbids it. Well with having them and now Zoe there is no way I'm taking on a dog too (although I think about it every couple months). I just sort of vicariously have the dog experience by watching other dogs.

Farewell, Brown Dog. I loved watching you from afar.

(frig, now i'm crying)


  1. I' sorry to hear of "brown dog". I have been driving by dead beaver for two days. He was making a damn or moving because of all the new construction and got hit on the side of the road. Called animal control since it made me so sad to see his flat tail hanging out so close to the road. Did not take that route today so not sure he was picked up. RIP Beaver!