Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Celibate and the City

So my celibate-self learns today that she picked the Number 1 city for sexual satisfaction or some such thing to start her life over in. That is JUST like me too. I kind of love that. Given how splendidly eHarm is going (it's not going splendidly, i feel narcolepsy coming on reading almost every profile), I'll have noooo trouble hitting my goal of 3 years. After I hit that marker, I may release the ban (I soooo wanted to say the Kraken, but I don't want people to call my vagina that in their heads--ooops). I don't know. It's really been nice. You truly do focus on what's really important when you take that factor totally out of the equation. I really don't think I'd have gotten as far as I have, if I was bed-hopping. Or maybe I would have, who knows. This way worked for me.

How PERFECT is this pic for me? You're right. SOOOO PERVect : P

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