Thursday, September 23, 2010

Catharsis (don't worry, this post won't be a downer)

Man, nothing like a little physical labor to make me feel better. I really, really need to look into a class where I can hit things because I'm imagining that would be sublime for me. The house I'm in is hardwoods which is essential since Evil has developed an incontinence issue since leaving Florida (I think he just misses ex-husband and is how he acts out). The back of the house seems like maybe it was an add-on. In the '50's or '60's that is. I mean the house was build in 1937. Given the 'decor', this had to have been done awhile ago. Don't get me wrong, it's cute. It's also old. So in the back bedroom Evil pretty much destroyed the already old as hell carpet. Damn it. Did I not mention back of the house has carpet? It does. I mean it's nominal in regards to the rest of the house and I've been using it as storage back there, but Evil's been using it too, if you catch my lobbed right at you meaning.

So as despair has steadily descended regarding the state of things back there (odor namely, but also a bit visually), I didn't know what the hell to do. I got brave one day about a month ago and pull back the carpet and it looked like the wood floor that is JUST like the wood floor through the rest of the house. Hallelujah!!!! I'll just rip this shit up and it will look good and if he does anything I can clean it up each day. So that calmed me down. I just had to get past the daily migraines and all and just do it. Well I started reading on line that I would need to rip out the carpet. Then sand the floor with a sander. Then stain the floor. Then sand it again. Ummm, okay. This is a rental and I don't know that when I go they won't just take my deposit (which I'm fully prepared to forfeit) and just re-carpet right over it. I don't know why, but they might. So then I was like "Do you want to put this much work into it all?" I really didn't and still don't now. I mean the carpet HAS to come up and it has. Well about 80% of it. I have bins, suitcases, a rack of clothes flanking the perimeter. I'll need to rearrange them and get that portion of the carpet up, but the affected parts are sitting nicely in huge black trash bags in the bin outside ready to be whisked away tomorrow morning.

Now here's the new issue. Looking at the floor. It's damaged. It's like someone went apeshit with painting or something and there is paint or something all over the floor (I know I wrote "something" twice, but it's REALLY something!! four times!!). Looks like it's white. Sooooo can this be repaired? I don't know. Should I maybe have someone tile over it? I don't know. I have more questions than answers, but I at least have smelly, contaminated carpet outside the house!!!

Tearing that carpet out was so cathartic. Actually this whole day has been. The prior days of this week and today have no business being in the same week.

The photo is by Caia Koopman, I think I might buy something of hers. Her work is adorable. This was entitled "Catharsis")


  1. So happy you ripped it out, I bet you felt like you couldn't get that smell off your hands or clothes.... I really felt nasty last week when I did the same. is my $25 cents because you know I never have 2 cents. Buy some of those sticky back tiles you can get at home depot. Do it as cheaply and easy as possible. Nothing is easier than those things.
    I'm proud of your accomplishment this week!!!

  2. Hmmm, there is a VERY good thought. Do you think pee could soak underneath? That's my big concern. That if I cover it again, I'll have the same issue. If I leave it exposed, I can get to it and clean it every day.