Tuesday, September 7, 2010

These Boobs Were Made for Walking

NOT RUNNING. I'm trying to get myself committed to a workout plan and I'm frustrated that I can't run (I feel like that would be SO helpful), but I really can't. I was reminded as I had to do a ton of HORRIBLE rapid jumping yesterday. It must have looked a fright. No running, no jumping. I need a boob-friendly workout.

OMG, a promo for "SOA" just came on. It's back on tonight. I love that I just saw Seasons I & II in the last 3 wks, but I'm crazy excited about it. Would have sucked to have had to have waited. Of course, I'll have to see Season III week by week as it plays out, but that's good for me.

I need to get a 'private blog' for the things I want to say, but don't want people in my every day life to read. About 90% of my life I'm happy to share with the world, then there is the fiercely private side. I think about a journal, but hello I'm not writing that much in longhand. I've been making myself write letters in longhand as it's more personal and probably a dying art, but my thoughts come so fast when I write that typing is essential.

What else? Ummm, I'm in a pretty good mood. This past weekend was super-refreshing. Now to hang on until Thanksgiving. That is the next holiday, right? Yeah, I think so. Damn it.

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