Friday, September 17, 2010

I Call 'Bullshit';...

however NO ONE calls 'Bullshit', like my best friend Stacy. She missed her calling. She should have either

a) been an interrogator for any intelligence agency in the world,
b) a prosecutor with the DA's office, or
c) the head of the Spanish Inquisition.

She is lightening quick with calling bullshitters on their bullshit. LIGHTENING QUICK. I, on the other hand, just let you talk your mad shit, pretend to go along with whatever line you're feeding me, and then stew about it. I think I need to take on her method. Has to be a lot more cathartic than my own.

I love today's pic because I have a new maid(s) coming tomorrow. While my house is getting cleaned, I'll be having acupuncture. Should be a great day tomorrow. I have fun plans in the evening too, so it should be a marked improvement on the week I've had.

Sunday I start something new. I'll wait till Sunday to discuss it.

(as I get to the end of this I guess I should change the title to "I Don't Call 'Bullshit'", but I like the title as is. Just know I notice the contradiction is all I'm trying to say here.)