Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Search for Mr. Right Yielding a Lot of Mr. WTF??

I had quite a marvelous time mocking the men of okstupid tonight with a friend. Well mocking and gawking. Seriously, she is finding all kinds of hotties that are totally eluding me. Any way. I signed up with eHarmony just to say that I really gave it a try. I will be flabbergasted if anything comes of it. I'm more of need to meet you in person, see you a dozen to five hundred times and find out that you've some how grown on me sort. (then there are the RARE immediate attractions that I've felt 3 times in my life)

So I don't anticipate announcing anything exciting, but you never can tell.

Why the tribal mask, you should be asking at this point? Why indeed. You see someone on okstupid had a pic of him wearing a tribal death mask as his profile pic and was potentially one of 8 other men who gave me 4 to 5 stars. My friend Michael informed me that I "HAVE" to go out with him. Not sure I'd return home with all my parts.

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