Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cursing: One of the "Five Things I Can't Live Without"

So I signed up with eHarm this past weekend and there have been numerous eligible bachelors presented to me. They have great jobs, are world travelers, most are handsome some very much so, all seem sooooo clean cut. I don't know if it was because I was raised by non-drinking, non-cursing, non-ANYTHING bad what-so-ever people, but ending up with a stuffed shirt is my biggest fear. Not saying my family isn't fun. They are in their own way. I'm fun in a WHOOOOOLE other kind of way. Now, I don't need someone to be my clone. I just look at all of the bachelors and think "They would NOT be up to dealing with me over the long haul." So I changed my "Top Five"'s number one from the cats to cursing. Hell, I figure, put it out there. I did put (I won't curse in front of your church group).

I'm destined to die alone.

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