Monday, September 13, 2010

"...On Seas Less Hideously Serene..."

Is that not beautiful? I actually tear up reading that. I want my writing to be like that. I spend so much time lately thinking about WHAT I'm going to write. I have scraps right now. Just scraps of ideas. I think they could be patched together into something, but I still feel blocked or maybe not blocked, but rudderless with my writing. I mean I'll never be Poe (who's line I borrowed from "The City in the Sea" for the post title), but I really think that I have the talent in me to be a great writer. I've had a few dreams involving my creative writing professors so it's REALLY on my mind. Maybe I'll bring that up in my next therapy session.

Speaking of therapy, the catalyst to me even being in therapy, Landmark, is about to enter my life again. I will be doing a 3 month Self Expression and Leadership course starting on the 25th. I'm not as excited as I thought I'd be. Grandmother is excited enough for the both of us. She thinks this is going to be huge for me. I'm just freaked out that something else I've been repressing will come up like it did in the Advanced Forum. I feel like I'm not up to that right now, but maybe I am. Maybe it's not like that though, I really don't know. I talked to a lady about it the other day trying to get a sense of what it's like. I got that it was amazing. That was pretty much it. So hurray. I'll be doing three months of "amazing" for every Wednesday evening for the rest of the year and 3 full Saturdays. Wooo Hoo. : P

I have four or five other things to talk about, but I'm really tired so I'm going to end it here.

The photo is gorgeous, no? It's by "Mono" and I think it's called "Deja vu" although when I typed in "invincible" it came up so I hope I gave proper credit to it. It's lovely.

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