Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Was So Hot This Evening...

That I stuck my tits in the freezer. I'm not even kidding. Sorry, to anyone related to me that read this and now needs therapy.

Seriously, I need it to cool the eff down. I'm sweating all the time and I'm SICK of it!!!!

The pic is not of my freezer, but it's a close approximation.


  1. Nothin worse than sweaty boobs, oh wait....swamp ass is in the same genre. I feel your pain this humidity sucks swamp ass!

  2. Yeah, any woman with more than an A cup has to be suffering right now. These guys are fun and all, but sometimes I'd like to swap them out for a smaller version. Only sometimes. They are useful for getting what you need, not that I ever do that ; P

  3. Can't you just go to HEB and buy Blue Bell like the rest of us? :P