Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sorry For Your Troubles: Farewell August

My ex-husband always said "August is the month everyone dies." Man, is he right. Well for his family anyway. I've only lost one person dear to me in the month of August, four years gone by now (it's her necklace you see me wear everyday). I would say two as my father-in-law died the following year, in August, and I cared so much about him for years, but he and my mother-in-law killed any regard I had for them a few years prior to his passing. Anyway, this isn't a post to trash the "dearly departed", but it is a bit about "The Departed".

First of all, I love, love, love, love, LOVE "The Departed" and I quote myriad lines from the film. If you've seen it, there is a scene where Kevin Corrigan (who plays DiCaprio's coked out cousin) sees DiCaprio in his mother's kitchen and DiCaprio tells him he's back because his mother died and Corrigan says, "Sorry for your troubles" like DiCaprio's car was in the shop or something. It cracks me up every freaking time. Well for the entire month, anytime anyone slightly complains to me about anything I want to say "Sorry for your troubles" just like he did. I know no one will get it, so I refrain but damn it would be funny.

I have to acknowledge some important people. Seven of them. I know a lot of people read my blog from time to time because they either tell me they do or they slip and say something that gives away that they do. Well I now have seven people who are actually subscribed to this blog and I'm grateful to you. It's nice. I know sometimes I'm funny, sometimes I'm psycho, and sometimes I just post a music video, but it means a lot that you're actually "Following" me.


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