Monday, July 26, 2010

Things Are Looking Up

Man, I can tell Saturday's work is really taking hold. I feel DAMN good, not a light, frivolous good that dissipates in a couple hours. More a solid knowing that all is well. I'm liking this A LOT. Grandmother said I really seem different. That's encouraging.

It's funny. I find myself suddenly getting excited for the holidays. Really, really excited. I can't wait.

I think my desk will be assembled this week. Handyman asked what day this week worked for me so I said Wed 6pm. I haven't gotten confirmation back yet, but I'm hoping that works. The boxes are just lying on the floor in the living. God, help me when the others arrive. I have no idea where everything will go, plus the disposal of ALL that packaging. Aghhhhh

Let's see what else. I guess that will do for now.

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