Thursday, July 29, 2010

Self-Realization - Actually More Just REALIZATION

So if you've been keeping pace with me, you can see I've been doing a plethora of self-help this year. Actually, I have my whole adult life, but this year I have the means and strong inclination to sort myself out so I can hopefully engage in a meaningful relationship and subsequently create a healthy family (if the Fates so allow). Anyway, I have to say that the delightful cocktail that I've been developing this year is doing me quite well. That cocktail includes (thus far) -- Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Ashiatsu, Resonance Repatterning, Raw Foods, and all that I've learned through Landmark Education. I feel like I'm forgetting something, but those are the biggies.

I feel that all that I have delved into this year are working together, supporting one another, to build a new and improved Carla (ohhhh, I forgot. A really, really, really helpful coaching session I had that stripped away my critical nature - not sure how I forgot that, but I shan't beat myself up over it) : )

The BIGGEST thing I'm getting from all that I'm learning is that we are all really the same. I know I hear people say that all the time and either roll my eyes, scoff in some other form, or just out and out it doesn't register, but I really see it right now. We are all so much the same. We all basically want the same things and have our various ways of going about TRYING to get them that has (to our perception) worked for us thus far.

I'm finding that I was the biggest obstacle in all my relationships, personal and professional. My walls were massive. They were full on fortresses that kept me away from others and them away from me. I can see that I couldn't see their pain. Their pain is huge in some cases far more so than mine. Furthermore, my walls kept me away from their awesomeness. I'm amazed at how AMAZING so many people are. When you put others in a box you have such a limited view of them. Just letting them be whoever they are from moment to moment really lets you in on their beauty.

I hope I remember this. My tolerance is limited, but I hope my curiosity is greater and allows me to know those around me for all they are. Because, so many around me are really extraordinary.

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