Friday, July 2, 2010

Her Majesty Now Requires 1500 Thread Count

Yep, my high-thread count lust knows no bounds. I was a happy girl years ago when 1200 count entered my life, then my world was shattered when someone told me he got 1500 thread count. I too had 1500 in no time. Since I've tried to talk myself out of it, but no. I just received my next fix, I mean shipment of 1500 count sheets. They are superlative. You see, "superlative" is what you say when you have 1500 thread count sheets as opposed to say "they're the shit". They are the shit though. They so are. I learned where the word "shit" came from tonight, but I cannot write about that now. I'm dealing with an insane level of thread, People. If a number above 1500 exists, don't you DARE tell me about it. I need to keep this in check. I'm only 35. Where does it end? I don't want to be all strung out at 45 on 1,000,000 count sheets. I wonder what would happen if I had to go down to the triple digit thread count again.

Perish the thought -- I mean FUCK THAT


  1. I ordered some new bedding from the other day and saw some 1200 for $85 and I was so tempted. I have a set of 1k and I love them although they are not deep pocket and slip off my bed all the time. I seriously need to get me some 1500 or in the least 1200 to go with my new luxury 10 piece silk dupione bed in bag. I now have so many freakin pillows on my bed I am practically sleeping at the foot now.

  2. I am reading this while laying on what is akin to sandpaper. Is there a local place that sells these sheets and are they cooler (temp wise) than the 200s I am on, or just softer. Because if they're cooler, I can rationalize just about anything.

  3. Karla, Overstock is where I get my fix too. I've had my eye on what I purchased as it was I think $150. It dropped by almost 1/3 AND I had a coupon that Overstock sent me for 7%. I pounced!!!

    Thresh, my ex-husband hated them saying "They feel so heavy". You'd think the EGYPTIAN would appreciate the highest level of Egyptian cotton known to man. Oh well. : ) --- Ohh, but yes. SOFTER.