Monday, July 19, 2010

Don't Sell the Dreams You Should Be Keeping...

Well I'm still blown away by, "Inception". I just loved it. I also loved how many times I gave myself the "kick" last night and I'd like to thank my subconscious for one of my projections being BonJovi. His projection was MUCH appreciated. (I just made myself giggle).

Now as to dreams in the form of aspirations. I want a new dream for my heart and soul. One that is not based on something fleeting. I want to have a dream that can be mine until my dying breath. I want that dream to be something like "to continually make a positive impact wherever i am for as many people as i can". Something like that. I may need to refine it, but that's what's been floating around my brain for years. Maybe not as defined as that. I feel it's not defined enough. Like should have THE CAUSE to fight for, but one has never taken root in my heart. Maybe I haven't found it yet. Until then, I will go with what I stated.

Then I'd like to get a new dream for me and my life (not the cause, personal life stuff). I'm SOOOOOO much happier with a dream. OMG, --- yep. Now I have "Happy Talk" from "South Pacific" in my head.

"you got to have a dream, if you don't have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?"


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