Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Sure Can Pick Them

Now, I really hope all my fears, concerns, full-on panic attacks are allayed by tomorrow, but I'm thinking I may have chosen unwisely when I picked my handyman.

I found him on CL. He gave me a flat price for the desk, bed, dresser, night-stand assembly that was agreeable to me. I told him that it could be a 6-8 wk window on the bed, but I've been asked QUITE A LOT about the arrival of the bed since. Dude, I'm eager too.

I told him I have the desk and that I've had it since Thursday. He asked me yesterday what my availability this week was. I told him tomorrow (Wed) at 6pm. I didn't hear back till today when he said "what about today". Argh. I wish people would just goddamn tell me what they want and see if it works for me than play this "guess what day and time I want you to say" game. I'm so fucking sick of that. So many people do that to me. I don't fucking have kids. I'm a 9 to5'er. I can pretty much do whatever. Very little is ever set in stone so just goddamn tell me what works for you and we can go from there.

So I get a phone call from him. He asks how close I am to 6th/Congress. Ummm, well I'm at 12th/West Lynn area so that close. Well he's being 'dropped off' at 6th/Congress. I'm assuming it's a bus, because I don't know why anyone with a car couldn't swing the extra 6 blocks up and over, but whatever. Then the kicker. "Do you have a hammer and screwdriver or do you need me to bring them?" Am I high? I was at work and I can't be high or I'll be fired so I don't think I was high. I felt high though. I felt almost insane. I mean, you placed a CL ad that you can do all this shit (furniture assembly amongst them) so ummm, you don't have the tools or wouldn't just bring them anyway?

Then my next door neighbor (at work) kind of gets freaked out that he's legit. She said I should have some one be at my house with me. I don't think that's necessary, but I do get where she's coming from.

We'll see how tomorrow evening (6pm) goes with the desk. If you don't see a blog post at all tomorrow night, maybe come check on me. Someone might be wearing me as a dress. Annnnnnd I just scared myself a little extra.

(Note: EVERY pic I saw when I typed in "handyman" has a dude WITH tools)

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