Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 1

So it's Day 1 of my Advanced Landmark and it's SO much better than the first one (although I did just scream like a lunatic at Zoe {cat} so clearly I'm stressed out). I really like the guy this time. Seems like he and I have comparable issues so I relate to him really well. We broke into a group of 6 which I like SO much better than the group from the seminar that I ultimately dropped out of. It's a much smaller group overall. 53 of us, so it's a more intimate setting and there are a lot of people there that seem cool. More so than in the first one.

I have to be back at 8pm and although it says "midnight" as the end of each session I've been assured it won't be that long. I hope not, but whatever. I'm really getting a lot out of it so if it takes to midnight so be it (just hope it doesn't for Sunday, Christ I'll be tired on Monday).

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