Tuesday, June 1, 2010

All That Fur & All That Hair...

Oh boy do I have the touch. Christ Almighty, I get so mf'ing TIRED of my hair and their fur. At least with being husband-less I'm free of all his hair now and while it was not an insignificant amount it was still no match for the cats and me. I don't remember it being this bad before. Of course I had more cleaning help back in FL. I had a cleaning duo come out a few weeks ago. I'm tempted to call them again to de-hair the place. Okay, enough with our ubiquitous hair.

Do you like the photo I posted? I stole it. From a gliving.com video. It's a RAW banana coconut cake. It's one of the bijillion things I want to learn to make. I think I'm going to sign up for the Raw Cooking Class at Beets that's a week from this Sunday. I'll wait till it gets closer in case God smites me with another vicious virus. I really thought it was over on Sunday. It figures. You figure out your life and you're taken in your prime. Bastards. Oh, but I'm okay so no worries. --- For Now...

Tomorrow night I go back for more Kool Aid and to try on my white sneakers and sleep with the main guy because all us womenfolk are expected to. Ohhhh, I kid. It's just that some people think I've joined a cult and I find that funny/insulting/whatever. Anyway, I'm glad to go back. I'm stuck. I do NOT know what I want. I am hoping I'll some how find out throughout this seminar series. I'm trying to not stress about it, but I do so love stressing.

What else. Ohhh, this is allegedly Day 1 of Raw, but I've been doing it the last several days. I just really feel SUCH a difference eating this way that it's not even an issue. The only issue is when I forget to have enough available options. Here at home it's a breeze. I need to make sure I have enough options at the office, because that's where I'll fall back SAD (Standard American Diet) and I don't want to if I can help it.

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