Sunday, May 30, 2010

"That's Amazing, So Much Love, and Also So Much Information"

Sharing is caring, or is it? I know I take it to the extreme here and on my FB and in person and on the phone, but other than that...

This isn't some passive aggressive rant. I'm not alluding to anything that anyone reading this did. I am reeling from an incident I witnessed recently. I'd classify it as an ambush, but that's me. Actually, I got someone else's opinion today and she's in agreement.

Let me just tell you this. If anyone ever needs to confront me about something and picks doing so in a room full of a few hundred people, there are going to be consequences and repercussions.

(the pic is from failbook, really drives home my 'so much information' point really well)
(the title is from B. Stiller's character in "Meet the Parents" right after DeNiro's character reads the horrific poem about his mother being ravaged by cancer. God, I love that film)

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  1. Like an unstoppable rebel force.
    Nevermore, nevermore, nevermore.