Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Don't Worry I'm Not Looking at You...

I'm driving home and part of where I drive I have to go 30ish mph. So I can easily see all that's around me. Saw a guy. A not bad looking guy. Not bad looking enough I made my "Mama Likes" mmm!!! sound. Hopefully you never have to hear it, although if I'm comfortable around you, you might. It sounds like I just thought of seven things that are illegal in most of these United States. Then it happened. He spit. Why? WHY???? Why do guys do that? I don't think any of the guys I know do it. If they do, they have never done it around me. THANK YOU!!! I just do not understand, what precipitates this. You are walking around and you are producing such vast quantities of saliva that you'll drown if you don't expel it right then and there and in the path of others? Fucking gross, Dude!!! Even grosser than what I was initially thinking about you.

(pic is "Blind Justice" taken from jrpopartz flickr, i think he's the artist not certain)

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