Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Favorite Song...

I am fascinated by how many songs that I used to like/love and I now either don't much care for or out and out dislike them. Just because the message of them doesn't resonate with me any longer. So I'm finding that a whole new crop of songs that I have heard in the past are suddenly relevant or have greater meaning to me. I was looking for another Springsteen song that I like and found "Tougher Than the Rest" totally by mistake and it's completely my favorite song now. I know I heard it in the past, and probably thought "Oh that's nice", but now, whoa. It's like my love mantra- you know - or something like that. Anyway, it's like music and I have rediscovered each other in some respects. It's nice.

In other news, my car radio decided to lose its mind today. I learned that THESE go to 39. Yeah, THIRTY-NINE is the highest volume and where it decided it wanted to remain. After almost swerving off the road due to Guantanamo Bay High Decibel Torture happening in the car, I finally got the volume back to normal. Then "Money for Nothing" came on I screamed, turned up the volume as I do when I love a song and up to effing 39 we went again. I did NOT think I was going to get it back down. I mean the car is almost not drivable when it's that loud. So I MUST remember to leave it alone until I decide what I want to do. I'm a little bit thinking about selling the car so I don't know how much money I want to put into it. We shall see.

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