Saturday, May 8, 2010

Raw Foods

I've spent all afternoon/evening researching raw foods. I think I'm a convert. I found a site called Raw Food Rehab. It's kind of myspace/facebooky. You can add friends, photos, join groups, etc. The photo is from a lady named Candice Hughes. Does it not look tasty? I actually accidently met an Austinite (not C Hughes). I complimented her Christmas dish and she replied back and she and another Austinite on the site should meet at Beets (raw foods cafe down the street from me). So I'm making friends in the new lifestyle already.

It's been a LONG time in coming. I'm very disenchanted with almost everything I've been eating so a change is more than welcome. I think I might need to take some cooking classes, although there is A LOT of info on youtube. I learned how to make the most DELICIOUS looking doughnut holes that were nothing more than dates, pineapple, coconut, and almonds. Amazing looking. These were made by Eve.


  1. Ok, is regular food (not organic or anything) but it is prepared raw. As in "not cooked"? I am guessing meats and fish aren't included in this regimen. Sounds fascinating.

  2. I'm planning on it being organic, and you can have meat/fish but it has to be raw. It will take time for me to transition into that.