Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Future-Baby Max Won't Know What Hit Him...

OMG, I saw this on awkwardfamilyphotos and suddenly my need to have a child returned. If Future-Baby Max ever takes on a life outside of my head, he just might find himself in a similar 'outfit', have you ever???

After 2 wks of AGONIZING over a blender, I have sprung for the $650 + shipping one. I am serious as the heart attack I'm hopefully now preventing about this whole raw thing. Seems Green Smoothies/Juices are the way. So here I go. There are a lot of people on FB doing the 15 day challenge beginning Jun 1st. It will be so nice to have that kind of support. I might start over the Mem Day Weekend. I have no plans so why not, that's if the most expensive appliance I've purchased to date gets here in time.

Still processing so much from this weekend. I'd say my current mood is BOLD. Bold as all f---. I just feel like going up to people and saying, "I want x, y, and z and you WANT to give it to me!!!". Whhhaaaaaaaaaaa??? That's so not me. I love it!!!

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