Friday, June 11, 2010


last year, i got curious about okcupid and signed up. was on it for a few days. FREAKED OUT at the people responding to me and disabled my account. last weekend i decided that i would enable it again. WHY? oh i don't know. i'm a masochist? (i didn't put that on my profile).

anyway. i'm delighted to know that reasonably good-looking 20 somethings still find me wildly intoxicating as do 50 somethings who look as if they know exactly what wine goes well with fava beans and my liver. No man, I'd be interested in (30's/40's, funny, secure, stable job, not bad on the eyes) is even in my local area. I've literally had to look at NYC and CA for any decent options. So of course I'll end up shutting my account down again. that's fine. i'm cool with being alone, but thought i'd see if anyone caught my eye. i should just get up the nerve to go after who i'm attracted to in my real life, but i'm too chickenshit to make a move.

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