Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rawesome!!! (i'm sorry)

omg, there is a new culinary school on Lamar not far from Alamo Drafthouse, that's like 2 miles from me!!!! It's called The Natural Epicurean and they teach classes for those aspiring to be professional chefs and tons of classes for the public. I'm so going to the open house on Saturday!! This is crazy exciting!!!

my lunch for tomorrow is coming along nicely. i almost made it dinner tonight too, but i want to eat it tomorrow. i've noticed that a bit with the living food. what i eat today, i don't want to eat tomorrow. like it's not fresh or something. it never mattered with the SAD (Standard American Diet) way of eating.

i heard a song today at the store. i really liked it. i tried to memorize a line or two so i could look it up when i got home. can't freaking remember now. something about "in the kingdom of __________" kingdom of WHAT, Carla? damn it this will haunt me.

omg, speaking of haunt. Zoe saw something tonight. you know "something" in a house built in 1937. you know.

okay, now the photo. i don't know where this is, but i must. i simply must. i want to go to there.

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