Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm Handing in My Badge...

I have spent the last - ohhhh, I don't know, most of my 35 yrs as a self-appointed cop of the world. Any wrong and injustice no matter how slight, I get my back up. I'm not talking Darfur, I'm talking cut me off in traffic, not saying thank you when I hold the door open, not doing what I think you ought to be doing basically.

Well I'm handing in my badge. I don't want to police the world anymore. I have come to see that I don't know what any one of the people I interact with are going through, really truly going through. They are all on a journey. Some are in a good place, some are in a bad place. Why let their actions affect me unnecessarily?

Now if they out and out disrespect me, I'll self-deputize and citizen arrest their ass don't you worry. but all the no biggies that i make BIGGIES is what i'm referring to.

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