Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What Dreams May Come

So I had quite the BEST DREAM EVER. The star. One Jon Hamm. The topic. No, no I know given it's me you're going to think the worst. It wasn't that bad. I was dressing him up in all kinds of outfits like the living Ken Doll he is, and then altering his clothes. Well hemming his pants anyway. It was so much fun. I have been thinking about getting into sewing and the like again. I guess I figured I'd take Jon along for the ride. I love that I was mostly dressing him in '40's wear. He looked good in '40's wear.

Brutus arrived today. I think I'm going to give him my maiden name. I kind of like Brutus Burgos. I took him out of the box a few minutes ago, but I'm too damn tired to use him tonight. He'll have plenty of time to prove he's worth the ridiculous amount I paid for him. {Brutus is my blender that can break bricks...just realized after the J Hamm paragraph you could think otherwise}

And then there was tonight. I had a sort of breakthrough. Sort of. I'm not exactly thrilled that I went from not knowing that I was going to be doing something the next 10 Wednesdays just a week ago to, oh by the way, you're also going to have to meet an additional time each week. So yeah, Mon/Wed evenings, shot. Oh well. I really hope I get something out of this. So far I'm just getting that "yeah, I AM doing it wrong". Well swell. i KNEW that. Ehhh, I'm tired and was in a fucking shitty mood all day so I'm sure that's just spilled over into this.

So, I shall sleep perchance to... well you know.

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