Thursday, June 10, 2010

Number One Hundred & Fifty, People

Huh. I mean I know I love to drone on and on ad infinitum about it all, but I'm a bit surprised that I went from "I can't believe I write and I don't have a blog" to my 150th post. I even updated the look for you. You don't care. I know how this story ends. I give and give and give, and what do you do? Sit back and judge. It's like I'm still married. (No offense if you're reading, My Former Beloved)

The pic was stumbled upon. Guess why I like it. Yep. Red. "JackBritBoy" on flickr did this. He has some explanation of it that was too long to read and no title for it so anyway there's something for you to look at.

I was about to bail out of the 10 week seminar that I'm doing because I thought the extra-curricular Monday night meetings were mandatory, but I just spoke with the seminar leader and they are not so hurray. I guess I'll stay. I really like her and I got the all clear for taking off in July for the Advanced Seminar. I'm going to grow as a human being if it effing kills me.

Smoothie update. I took a blender full of green smoothie to work and I really think they liked it!!! I was really impressed that as many people tried it as did. I felt good that I was bringing health vs what I'm bringing them tomorrow - Einstein Bros Bagels. Ohhh, but that are so so good. We all love them and Friday mornings so much. (ohhh, I had a burger again today. I know. I don't know what's wrong. I'll try to pull it together this weekend.

I'm uber-bummed about this Abby girl who is solo-circumnavigating the globe. Christ I hope she's okay. Every time I've thought about her today I've teared up. I think what she's doing is incredible. So brave. I dream of sailing the world, but to do it -- alone -- and you're 16? Shit we acted like it was a big deal that I went to college at 16. It really pales in comparison. So if there's any Power listening, I'm saying a HUGE prayer for her and her family.

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