Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh How I Love Dapper

Okay, I'm trying to give credit where is due. I snagged this from a Mr. Sartorial's blog, but he gives photo credit to Russ McClintock. It's a guy in London's Tweed Run. I would so press the "Like" button on this one!!!

So it's a sinus infection for me. I don't think I got over whatever the hell I got coming out of Landmark Forum. I've been intermittently at Death's door ever since. I'm on Amoxicillin now, so I hope to be right as rain pretty soon --- like freaking tomorrow because really, it's tedious at this point.

I was going to wax philosophical (as it's one of my favorite ways to wax) and talk about Epictetus tonight. But I think I shall spare you the heavy and just go with the dashing man in a tweed coat (my favorite) riding a bike -that part can go, but whatever I'd rather see him in an old roadster. But I'm a car lover. OMG, could you not just totally see him in a roadster?

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