Monday, June 21, 2010

Running on Walls

It seems having actors/characters running on walls is all around us. Sometimes it's nominal. They do a sideways lunge at the wall to use it as leverage to jump at whomever they are stalking. Then other times they are full on balls to wall with it and actually defy gravity and my ability to suspend disbelief and will freaking run along the crown molding to get at their prey. The latest example I saw was by Liev Schriebner (too lazy to look up the spelling of his name) in "Wolverine".

Apparently pursuing your prey in this fashion is more efficient then running along the same level as them. I guess I can see it. Makes it easier for pouncing. You don't really have to pounce do you? You can just drop on them. Like the fucking gecko did on my head in India and then that snake that fell one foot from me another time. Many things have fallen on my head. Maybe that's why this latest Hollywood trick freaks me out so.

Let me tell you what. If you could run along walls and ceilings to get to me, you will be getting to my corpse because I will STROKE OUT on the spot. Yee Gods, that's creepy. I'm glad it's not real...yet.

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