Sunday, August 8, 2010

World's Strongest Man Needed...

Holy Fucking Shit is my new furniture heavy. One of the poor bastards delivering it fell. I almost started crying when I realized I could NOT move the semi-precarious configuration (they were kind of placed stone hengey like and I was terrified that one of the cats could have gotten crushed if the load shifted. So over the course of an hr I managed to get the boxes each flat to the ground and give myself a bit of walking room. My chiropractor's going to kill me when he sees the shape I'll no doubt be in by Wednesday when I see him again.

I think I might try to put the end table together tonight. I had hoped to get it all put together today especially since it arrived early, but the person I'm hiring to do it was called out of town. He'll be back Tuesday, so Tuesday evening he'll come over. I will be shocked if this is all assembled Tuesday evening, but maybe he's that good.

Meanwhile, I need ‘World’s Strongest Man,’ Mariusz Pudzianowski over here so he can lift all five immense boxes with his pinky and laugh at me using ALL of my body weight and STILL not being able to budge them.


  1. When I got a new armoir/tv standy-thingy that was heavy as hell I simply opened the box and moved pieces of it to the spot I needed (3 floors up and in the living room). And oh, I used to know this guy:
    Not best friends or anything, but we'd say hi at his gym in Auburn. The dude weighed an honest 350#. Wow.

  2. Yeah, if I had only one box I would have done that, but I'm so afraid of getting things mixed up.

    I know that guy, well know of him.